Monday, 16 September 2013


I now have a blog, and a facebook page and even a twitter account. The book will very soon be available through Amazon, and one day, hopefully, be made into a feature-length film, or even better, a three-part mini-series.
The book is just what it says in the title, a prequel to Pride and Prejudice, the great, possibly greatest ever, English novel. Among other things, it tells the story of Georgiana and Mr. Wickham, as summarized by Mr. Darcy in his historic letter to Elizabeth. It also has new characters, as well as a few surprises, all of which I hope readers will enjoy. It has been a great labour of love and I cannot wait to get it to market. Keep checking back here for updates, or follow me on twitter or like me on facebook. I plan to go to print this autumn, and will have lots to share, not only about the book, but about the Georgian era and jollly old England as well. Perhaps even a quip or two about the great Jane Austen herself.

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