Monday, 6 January 2014

Daniel Radcliffe as Mr. Bingley?

I have been running a little diversion on Facebook to cast my dream production of Pride and Prejudice. So far, we have Benedict Cumberbatch as Darcy,

and Dan Stevens as Wickham.

I am now proposing the quite shocking suggestion that Daniel Radcliffe should play Mr. Bingley. What say you all? 

It may seem ridiculous, but his sort of prep-school manners, and clipped style of speech seem to me so perfectly suited, and I like to think it might be just the sort of role he would actually like to play, to try and validate himself as an actor. I mean, look at him. It's a stroke of casting genius - unexpected but brilliant.

You may be appalled at the suggestion, and if so, please make an alternate recommendation, but for now, this is my proposal. Thoughts?


  1. no no and definitely no, much too short, he would look like a schoolboy next to the other 2

    1. I had no idea he was that short. I just looked it up: 5' 5". That really is too short. So disappointed. This was my dark horse. There is quite a debate raging on my facebook page on this subject. Feel free to join in if you feel inclined (

  2. I think if you really look to do Pride and Prejudice or any of the fan faction of P&P, I would definitely not pick who you have. I'm sorry to disagree, except for Dan Stevens as Mr. Bingley.
    Mr. Darcy should definitely be Richard Armitage who has the height the looks and the broody, and would look great in a wet shirt and those pants they wore than.
    and James Sturgess as Wickham. I love Benedict but not handsome enough to tempt me. He is good looking for not as we all imagine Mr. Darcy to be. He should be the handsomest, tall, built and Robert Armitage has it all.

  3. Hey Roxy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have just chosen whoever got the most votes on my facebook page. I don't get as many comments here on the blog as I do there. I don't know if you saw that Richard Armitage was one of the other choices for Darcy. I was quite torn about it, because Cumberbatch is a much better actor than Armitage, but, as you say, Armitage is just so Mr. Darcy. I first saw him in North and South, in which he plays practically the same character. I like your suggestion for Mr. Wickham, and will post it on Facebook. Feel free to visit the page there, and join in the debate. (
    Also, did you see that I am giving away the eBook of Follies Past for a Valentine's day promotion? You can download it for free from Amazon until Friday. I hope you will check it out!