Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bibliobetty's review of Follies Past

From the first two paragraphs it was clear to me that I was to become a captive audience.
The language was beautiful and very similar to Austens. It was a fast read and what a delightful fast read. Darcy, Lord Ashwell, as well as Caroline Bingley with her exuberant ego and hilarious schemes make appearances in this novel.
I fell in love with the character of Clare, for she was a reader. I loved the way the author included titles of books that were popular during that time. The research was remarkably on target.
The romance between Clare and Lord Ashwell gave the book the period romance it needed and all the characters were well-developed. As to Wickham and Mrs. Younge I say “shame on you.”
As I neared the end, I was sad to be leaving the cast of Folly, but then I remembered. I could read Pride and Prejudice again.
- Bibiobetty Books

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