Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Nicely Done (review of Follies Past)

I enjoyed this well written novel depicting Jane Austen's beloved characters prior to the period of Pride and Prejudice. The backstory of Georgianna's aborted elopement with Wickham is presented in a very plausible way and nothing in any of the characters seems contradictory to JA's original characterizations.
The humor also comes through, especially in the descriptions of Caroline Bingley and her self-awareness or lack thereof. There is also a parallel story of Georgianna's best friend and her romantic interest. It is, of course, complete with misunderstandings that are eventually rectified to result in the happily ever after ending that typifies Regency novels.
With so many Jane Austen "tribute" novels being written, many of which are truly cringeworthy, it is lovely to be able to recommend one that is nicely done.
- Bichon Mom (Amazon.com)

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