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As a reader I can honestly admit that I have never been swept away by the works of Jane Austen. In fact dare I say that I haven't read most of the novels that Austen penned in her lifetime. So when I was asked to review Follies Past, A Prequel to Pride and Prejudice I was a little hesitate. After all there are already an overwhelming number of remakes hitting the shelves everyday of the original novel and leaves myself to wondering when the the publishers will bring the craze to a steady halt.

What drew me into reviewing Follies Past was the concept of just two words, “a prequel.” Follies Past isn't a remake of Austen's original novel as Follies Past does not retell the story of Darcy nor Elizabeth's, two of the beloved main characters from Pride and Prejudice romance. So I accepted the offer to review the novel and I loved it! 

Author Melanie Kerr created a refreshing and a divine storyline in Follies Past that it literally felt like a breath of fresh air had been blown into the original novel and the countless remakes. The writing flow is outstanding as the novel is very well written. By far Kerr was able to pen an inviting world that I think will appeal to all readers both the ones that cherish Austen and those like myself who only wish to admire the brilliance behind classic novels from afar. 

Follies Past opens at a year before Darcy and Elizabeth wed. It's Christmas time at Pemberley and fourteen year Georgiana has recently just been taken from school and is preparing to transfer to London in the Spring. We follow Georgiana on her journey to London and into the arms of perhaps one of the greatest wrongdoer ever to be written, the infamous Mr. Wickham.

I think it is only fair to warn all readers that Kerr presents a worthy read that stands apart from Austen. There are many similarities between both authors but I much prefer the writing style of Kerr. It is more modernized while still capturing the original tone and era of Austen's own writing. 

In the end I highly praise Kerr for a job well done not only in her writing, but the time and effort that the research must have taken to create such a new look into a classic novel as readers will surely rejoice that finally a novel such as Follies Past as earned the equity of standing proudly next to Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

4/5 Hearts

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