Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Review of Follies Past from "Aspire to Read"

My 5 Star Review

I received the book from the publisher for an honest review.

Step back into the world of Jane Austen and her brainchild Pride and Prejudice, and discover who the man, Mr. Darcy was and why he captured so many romantic hearts. 
Ms Kerr did a wonderful work as she brought back many of the original characters within Pride and Prejudice; clarifying some riddles we were left with in Ms. Austen's work. In my opinion this is an extension of that world renown book enjoyed by millions of readers all over the world.  A book I believe will have it's own place within the literature world.
She stayed remarkable well within the time period but yet stamped her own signature on this work without loosing it's originality. 
The characters remained pure to their creator but had a life of their own so that you had a clear picture of Mr. Darcy's past and the mystery surrounding him. 
A great tribute to Ms Austen's work, if I may say so. 

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