Monday, 14 July 2014

Regency Ball September 28, 2014

If you have been following me at all lately, you will know that I am planning a Regency ball at Edmonton's historic Hotel Macdonald.

Wedgwood Room
I have launched a Kickstarter campaign as a way to raise the funds for it, and that only goes until July 28. We have to sell enough tickets through that campaign in order for the event to happen. If we sell 50 tickets, the event will proceed.

If we sell 150 tickets, we can afford to hold the ball in the Wedgwood room, which is a beautiful, authentic blue and white circular room that would REALLY feel like a proper Jane Austen ball, with a separate room for cards, etc.

To get excited about this, watch this video:

Here is how it works. Visit the page for the Kickstarter campaign. Pledge for your tickets. You will not pay unless the campaign is successful. If it is, you get to come to the ball. If not, you don't pay anything. This is a safe way to support this project without worrying that you will buy a ticket for something that doesn't happen.

If you don't know how to dance like Darcy and Lizzy, have no fear. There will be 3 dance lessons in September, so you can learn how to do the dances at the ball, and we won't all be stepping on each other's toes. You can sign up for the lessons through the Kickstarter campaign.

Mary Bennett
You don't have to dance. You can just come and enjoy the costumes and the setting and the live, beautiful music, and the lovely refreshments, and pretend to be Mary Bennet.

Although dancing is not mandatory, costumes are. You can order a costume (contact me for details) or you can put one together yourself. I will be posting video tutorials on how to make your own costume once the Kickstarter campaign is over, and we are sure the ball is happening. As part of the Kickstarter campaign, you an also purchase 3 costume-making sessions, at which I will personally assist you to make your own costume from scratch. I will tell you exactly what to bring. And don't worry. We will not be picky about the authenticity or perfection of costumes. Any earnest approximation of period dress will be permitted.

There is one door prize, which has been lovingly donated by Fashions Under Seige. It includes a shawl, reticule and hand-painted fan.

Email me if you have any questions, or comment below.

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