Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Why you need to get your ball tickets in the next 12 days

The Kickstarter campaign goes until July 28. I can't really think I can risk the expense of putting on this ball out of my own pocket, so I need to raise at least most of the cost of it in advance through ticket sales. July 28 gives me 2 months to secure the venue, plan the menu (period recipes, etc) organize and hold the dance lessons, make videos on how to put together your costume, prepare some period games, find volunteers, allow the musicians to rehearse and prepare and continue to sell tickets so we can make it even more awesome. I don't think I could do all that in less than 2 months. I would have started the campaign earlier, but I didn't have a dance caller, and I could not host a ball without one! That would be negligence to a shocking degree. 

If we don't raise the funds for the ball through the Kickstarter campaign, we will not proceed with the ball for now. We may try again next year. If you pledge, or in other words buy your ticket, on the Kickstarter website, and the ball does not proceed, you will not be charged anything. So there is no risk in getting your ticket that you will pay for it and it won't happen... just in case anyone was worried about that. 

So please, spread the word, and get your tickets. Let's make this happen. If you want to buy a ticket but don't like Kickstarter, just message me. I will sort it out for you so that you can still support the project and make it happen without having to make a Kickstarter account.

For now, here is the link for you to

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