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Follies Past opens at Pemberley, at Christmas, almost a year before the start of Pride and Prejudice itself. Fourteen-year-old Georgiana has just been taken from school and is preparing to transfer to London in the spring. 

Beautifully resurrecting the language of the period, the book follows Georgiana to London, to Ramsgate and into the arms of the charming and infamous Mr. Wickham.

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Praise for Follies Past...

"an absolute pleasure. Certainly one of my favourite books of the year." 
Stephan J Myers, Author: Loss de Plott series

Austenesque Reviews

"I loved how well this thoughtful and illuminating prequel tied into Pride and Prejudice, the new character additions and fleshed-out histories were both creative and believable."

Historical Novel Review

"Kerr manages to evoke the essence of Jane Austen in the first sentence of this book, and carries it through to a satisfying ending with humour, intelligence and heart-warming characterisation.... The language is exquisite, and so Austen-like I found it hard to differentiate between them."

“...by far the best Austen spin off I’ve had the pleasure of reading... a novel that reads like one of Austen’s own making... Kerr does an excellent job of taking the small tidbits of information we know about characters and giving them a full and lush back story without straying from our vision of them... beautiful and brilliant, and I cannot imagine an Austen fan who would not love it."

Compass Book Ratings

"Well-written and extensively researched, Kerr captures the essence and style of nineteenth century England... While there are many prequels and sequels relating to Jane Austen's classics, Follies Past is one I heartily recommend reading!"

Book Viral

"...admirably maintains the tone and tenor of Austen's original work, her bygone era lovingly resurrected with an infallible eye for detail and a keen ear for dialogue... a genuine joy to read... There is the jocularity, craving and indulgence that attests to the timeless allure of Austen."

"From the first two paragraphs it was clear to me that I was to become a captive audience. The language was beautiful and very similar to Austen's...  a fast read and what a delightful fast read."

The Airship Library

"Melanie Kerr has a fantastic grasp on the regency era. She's obviously done her research and the mannerisms, descriptions, and speech patterns were down to a "T." Her very style of writing mimics Austen's and it's easy to imagine that this was truly a story written by the renowned lady herself."

Pen and Paper

"... the writing felt authentic, the spirit of the original... upheld... hugely impressed"

"Melanie’s writing is stylistically on the money. She knows this time period well... Fans of Austen will delight in this book as much as I did...  a book that stands on its own mertis."

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