Non-Review Submissions

Please read this whole page:

If you have an Austen-inspired novel that you would like to tell people about, do this (self-published, published and unpublished books welcome):

  • email me at folliespast [at] gmail [dot] com with the name of your book, a brief description and any and all links to anything you think is relevant (Amazon page, blog, facebook page, youtube trailer, website, etc.)
  • Attach the first chapter or 2 of the book and a jpeg of the book cover design, author headshot and any other images you want me to use in my post.
  • MAIL me a PAPERBACK at the address I will send to you in response to your email.
  • Share the link to my post once I send it to you - use email, Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, anything you have at your disposal. We all need the exposure!
I will let you know by email, after reading the excerpt you send me, whether it is a book I would like to non-review. If so, I will read your book and write a post telling readers what I think they need to know in order to decide whether or not to read it.

I don't write traditional reviews with praise and criticism because I don't find them terribly helpful as a reader. Everyone has different tastes in books, and people love or hate different books for all kinds of reasons. What I try to achieve in my non-reviews is a description of the sort that identifies what the appeal of the book is, and what it contains that could potentially put a reader off. I don't like to read reviews before I read a book, or hear people's opinions of it beyond whether it was terrible or not. As long as the book is decent, I just want to know what kind of book it is. What is the tone? Is it a sweet love story or a traumatic saga? Is it funny, and if so what kind of funny? Is it a light, summer read, or a profound, thought-provoking introspection? Is it more about the characters or more about the plot? These are the kinds of questions I try to answer, in an effort to be helpful.

I give all the books I review 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads. I do this because it seems the neutral thing to do. I think that if there are readers who would give it 5 stars, then it should get 5 stars. Not every book is for everyone, and I don't think it is fair to bring down a book's rating just because it didn't meet an individual reader's expectations.

If I really don't feel that any reader would give it 5 stars, I will let you know by email, and I will not publish a non-review on my blog. If you wish me to, I can still post a review on Goodreads and Amazon, but it won't be a non-review, and will include my critique as well as my praise.

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